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Our commitment to communicating more responsibly and bringing more positivity online

Let’s start with some interesting figures. In 2023, Belgian Internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 spent an average of 1 hour and 34 minutes a day on social media and had an average of 5.5 accounts on different platforms. Today, social networks are no longer just entertainment channels, they’ve become spaces where daily life takes place. Friends meet one another, ideas are exchanged, news is shared, and communities are formed. Social networks provide a new mode of conversation with our friends and family, our customers, our colleagues and our audience. However, our constant interactions online are not without their consequences for our behaviour and well-being.

In an ever connected world, where the boundaries between the virtual sphere and reality are increasingly blurred, it is essential to be aware of the impact of our online interactions. The world of social media is not always a playground. The negativity and disrespect online present a major challenge that we cannot ignore. Hateful comments, cyberbullying and the spread of misinformation can not only affect individual mental health, but also damage social cohesion.

At ENGIE Belgium, we are aware of these challenges, and are actively committed to promoting respectful interactions online. That’s what this Social Media Centre is all about. It was created to guide you through the world of social media. You will find a brief overview of the characteristics of the most popular social media channels, some tips on how to increase your impact on social media (if you’d like to), as well as do’s and dont’s to protect yourself online. Finally, you will find a complete overview of ENGIE Belgium’s social media landscape.

We also cannot ignore the rise of artificial intelligence. It is a major revolution in the way we understand the world around us. This convergence of computer science, machine learning and data processing power has paved the way for extraordinary technological advance that is changing our lives in unprecedented ways. That is why we decided to give you a little explanation on this as well.

Discover the main social media platforms and their key features here.

10 Golden rules to keep in mind when using social media

With these 10 important tips, you too can help social media become a more positive environment.

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LinkedIn profile optimization

LinkedIn works like most social media platforms. You have your profile (i.e. your online CV), listing information that you change only occasionally (employer, position, training). You also have your wall, where all the posts from your network appear and where you can interact with others.
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How do I increase the impact of my social media posts?

These tips will help you increase the impact of your social media posts.

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Test your knowledge

Are you a Di(gi)nosaurus, Digital Wannabe, Digiqueen/ Digiking of Digi-Expert?

Test your knowledge and find out what you are.

Test your knowledge

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Posts intended for the general public on all ENGIE’s activities and achievements in Belgium, illustrating how we accompany our customers on the road towards a carbon-neutral future.

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Reactive and proactive communication about our nuclear activities.

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Energy price related topics and analyses of the most important market developments and their influence on B2B prices.

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Page linked to the blog Sweet & Smart Home about comfortable and intelligent homes.

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Page on ENGIE Belgium’s corporate social responsibility activities.


Posts related to the field of energy management in Belgium and worldwide.

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Publications from our engineering and consultancy subsidiary Tractebel ENGIE, which offers multidisciplinary solutions in energy, water and infrastructure to its clients.

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